Ethernet Board

E-LAB EtherBord for evaluations purposes

  • mega103, 32kB SRAM, RTL9019 10BASET chip
  • 1-2 Ser. interface, I2C-Bus, 8Bit DAC, RTC
  • Memory Bus completely connected to an 34pin header
  • 24bit free I/O-Pins routed to a header

Build your own tools for the communication PC<>xUDP

  • If you are a Delphi programmer and you own a Delphi5 you can build your own and special Delphi5 programs, where you can establish a xUDP connection between a PC and the existing NetStacks.
  • To do this you need the ICS component library as a base. The E-LAB components xUDPclient and xUDPserver are based on the the ICS component system.


New version EtherBoard-II

In Q2 2002 a second version of the EtherBoard will be available. This board contains a complete UDP/IP and TCP/IP Hardware Stack in a special chip (TQFP44).
Then it is possible to implement the entire TCP/IP protocol in a few kByte code. So it is possible to use a mega16 or 163 for a TCP/IP application.
Furthermore the chip can be accessed through a standard 8bit Interface or alternatively also with it's I2C interface.
Burstrates upto 3MBit/sec are possible.
An additional NetStack implementation in our AVRco system will support the new chip and all it's features.


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