For series production use:
UPP1-P in-circuit production programmer

UPP1-PR in-circuit production programmer with remote control

InCircuit programmer with mini-SD FlashCard
for AVR - AT89Sxx - AT89LSxx - AT89LPxx - TI/Chipcon CC2430

For mounting on a top-hat rail (DIN rail)

UPP1-P/R -- JTAG, SPI, TPI and PDI modes

  • UPP1-P/R connects to the PC the USB interface.
  • UPP1-P/R works in the Full-Speed USB-2 mode.
  • Can also be connected to USB-1 ports and HUBs
  • All data and parameters are stored in an exchangeable SD Flashcard
  • No powersupply necessary. The unit is powered direct from the USB port of the PC or the or the 5..24V of the remote control port (UPP1-PR).
  • Adapts automatical to the targets voltage (1.7-5.5Volt ca. 30mA)
  • Programmer can supply the target with a variable voltage, 1.7 to 5.2Volts, 30..300mA
  • Easy and extensive software
  • Software runs under XP, Vista32 and Windows7, 32 and 64bit
  • Self update with new firmware through a PC for future enhancements
  • Supports all SPI, JTAG, PDI and TPI programmable AVRs
  • Supports XMegas in PDI mode
  • Supports Tinys in TPI mode
  • Supports all SPI programmable AT89Sxx, AT89LSxx and AT89LPxx types
  • Supports the TI/ChipCon CC1110, CC2510 and CC2430 family
  • Small, light weight and handy unit 72x75x30mm
  • Hexfiles are loaded from PC into the programmer and stored
  • CPU type, fusebits etc are selected from the Host/PC.
  • Checksum generation
  • Available as high volume remote controlled production programmer (UPP1-PR)
  • programs 128kB flash (full mega128 with JTAG) in 3..4sec
  • UPP1-P/R doesn't need any adapter for PDI programming !
  • Can process AES encrypted projects with the tool PackProg.exe and also directly from its SD card

Extended version "PR"

  • Wire based remote control with 5..24V levels.
  • 1 out of 16 projects selectable
  • complete electrical isolated (except USB)
  • on-the-fly switching between USB and Remote mode


Remote Control of some UPP1-P with the DLL in the production through a process control system.
Find more here >>


Remote Control of a UPP1-PR in the production through
a process control

The communication of the programmer UPP1-PRwith the controlling unit (PC, process computer, PLC) is accomplished through 7 control lines. This is done via photo couplers.

One out of upto sixteen programs/projects stored in the SDcard can be selected.
The programmer can be started and the state can be interrogated.

The whole communication is managed by the controlling wires. The USB plug of the programmer is not used. The UPP1-PR then must have an external supply of 5..24V= with 200mA max. Also the internal supply then is electrically isolated by a switching power supply.
The programmer is supplied with with 6V= so it is possible that the target system (CPU) can be supplied with a programmable voltage 1.7..5.5Volt, 30 to 300mA max).

The programmer can also be operated without the control lines, in indirect mode with a PC or stand-alone, exactly as the standard version.

  • Control lines electrically isolated
  • Line levels 5..24Volt=
  • low-active inputs, resistance 2.2kOhm
  • Open collector output, max. 35V=
  • Output resistance 1kOhm
  • Inputs and outputs short circuit proof and protected against false polarity
  • 4 binary program/project select inputs (1 of 16)
  • 1x start input, 1x status output, 1x error output
  • Cage clamp connectors used for simple wiring
  • Auto resetting electronic fuse in the power supply line
  • UPP1-PR programmer is simply hooked onto a top-hat rail (DIN rail)
  • Very simple exchange of the UPP1-PR without using any tool.
  • Very service friendly.

Comprehensive description and mounting instructions in the UPP1-P/R manual

price €230.- +ship


price €310.- +ship


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