E-LAB Production Programming with DLL
DLL for use with the E-LAB UPP1-X and UPP1-P programmers
  • Production Programming System for Atmel AVR CPUs
  • Upto 16 simultaneous programmings
  • Controlled through a WIN32 DLL
  • Master control program supplied by the user
  • One USB port used for each programmer
  • By the use of E-LAB UPP1-X or UPP1-P Programmer a flexible and
  • fast InCircuit programming can be managed
  • Projects can be packed or encrypted on a PC.
  • The generated projects, upto 16, must be stored onto a SD flashcard.
  • Simple program change in the production by exchanging the flashcard
  • or by selecting another project stored on the card. (upto 16)
  • File/project administration also through the DLL with the support funktions:
  • List all Files, Delete File, Download File, Check File.
  • Support for serial number or MAC address patching
  • Support for direct patching of files or targets
Download ProgDLL

ZIP file incl. samples in C++, C#, VB, Delphi


Download ProgDLL Manual



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